We work to provide the best Quranic Education to you and your family through the finest teachers available. An exclusive teacher assigned to you for one to one live classes and you ask questions that you have in your mind. We have the state of the art curriculum which suites to students of all ages. Above all, our learned teachers would customize the curriculum to your needs.

Age is not issue; you need to have the will and commitment to learn Quran.

As ordered to us
And recite what has been revealed to you of the Book of your Lord: None can change His Words, and none will you find as a refuge other than Him. (Al-Kahf 18:27)
It’s Simple
f you have internet available then you can learn with us. We help you download simple skype program and you can get started.
It’s Easy
Our well learned teachers provide one to one classes to each student. Your time just dedicated for you.
It’s Affordable
We offer 3 days free trail. Come online, observe and then decide. No fee during the trail period.
It’s Convenient
Have a class at time which suites you. Need to change your schedules and current routine. No need to work with difficult to use softwares. We have live teacher available.

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Online Courses
Quran Reading Education with Tajweed
Basic Islamic Teachings (Prayer, dua etc.)
Memorization of Quran
Quran Translation Classes

 News & Updates

Female students who preferred to be taught by female tutors and don’t have facility available in their locality should call us today for more information.

Quran College is proud to announce female Quran teachers are available for female students

Simplifying the Quran Education and crossing the language barriers is our objective.

Basic computer literacy is required for the Kids to start a Quran course. Our Quran learning curriculum is designed to suite kids the best.

Please visit our Quran blog at http://qurancollege.blogspot.com/ for detailed articles.